Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conservatism originated from the CENTER and remains CENTERED

Evil Defined...

Anyone that stands opposed to that which was derived from and governed BY natural law is evil.

                            Conservatism is OF the Center.

Libertarianism is on the Right, Liberal on the Left...and what is derived from Truth and governed by the same Conservatism IS OF the CENTER...salute(tv)

From the link below--

The political spectrum, the center is Conservatism, why it matters

Therein the definition of right as it applies to our form of government is generally accepted as less government and more freedom on the right. Conservatism IS the fulcrum

 Of those that think less government is more corruption and anarchy should start reading from the beginning. The left is not only progressives, socialist democrats, socialist liberals, and communists but also monarchists, nationalists and fascists because of the center of this nation.

Today’s socialist democrats are not the democrats of the past as they are the fringe. Socialist democrats want tax cuts for the middle class, tax the rich feed the poor so there are no rich any more. 

You know what this is called, it is class warfare and it has no place in the land of equal opportunity. The middle class is a myth, around the top five percent pay almost fifty percent and around the bottom fifty percent pay almost nothing but do get a refund. 

American Thinker an essay click on link 


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