Wednesday, November 14, 2012

March on the Media- We are NOT taking your schitte anymore.

Hollywood and Media CONTROLS Culture.

"It's The Culture, Stupid..." Until we fight the media head on...we're "just talking."

Imagine in 30 days, every last media outlet having 10 TEN...Patriots

hanging out, EVERY-DAY, while people are driving around the block beeping their horns, NON-STOP reminding the Media WE DON'T TRUST or BELIEVE YOU....

PICKET/MARCH ON THE MEDIA to the "POWER of TEN" 30 hours a month Per Patriot all that is necessary.

"We DON'T TRUST YOU signs prominently displayed....WE DON"T BELIEVE YOU anymore... Advertisers....why, Why, WHY indeed do you support those who rely on US(A) to buy YOUR Products....."etc...

Communists are Takers from the Makers...
Communists are the ones that promote Jealousy, Envy, Class Struggle, making the GOOD GUYS the Bad

I will explain How picketing the media will work...logical, progression of thought join me in this archive show. link here.

Limbaugh just announced...."It's the Culture Stupid."  I have posts, articles and radio shows "It's the Culture, Stupid." for six years....

The economy means NOTHING...until we understand without a SOUL you are simply NOT human, never mind humane.....and don't tell me about the bears.

"Lead USa NOT into temptation)......
but do, by the grace of God, deliver usA all from Liberalism.

Please time for the New  Knights Templar.

History repeats EVERYTHING!!!!

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